I'm not sure how I feel about N.E.R.D.'s new song. I normally love everything they do but I think I have to hear this one a few more times. What are you ladies thinking: hit or miss?

My boyfriend informed me last night that Santogold has to use her real name now which is Santigold because a band already has the name Santogold... ? Didn't know this! Where have I been?! ::shrugg::


Kisa Zoea said...

Me Likey!!!maybe one of those songs you gotta listen to a few times before it sinks in as a FAV!

It always kinda creeps me out that Pharrell and Shay sound so much alike...weird. LoVe them tho!

Miss Pauline said...

i Love it! I had to listen to it a twice. Sounds good thought