Finding love everywhere is the major inspiration for this clothing line. It happen's all of a sudden and sometimes it never really was. So watching your steps on the love tight rope is crucial because you never know if the other person is even walking on it. I guess the best advice is don't be a Sucka just be yourself & sometimes you just have to say Fuck it and dive in so you don't miss out on it. (ugh Confussing) In that process you have some one to relate to the Sucka4Love Clothing line who is here for those spontaneous times when love takes over. So take advice and cop a shirt so you could have that daily reminder of what's love and what's lust. And as always Don't Trip

random thought: I would love to be around the table when Sucka4Love is looking for new idea's for a line. I bet there's some crazy stories about love situations gone wrong!



Perfect Song: LL is like a stalker in this video! haha

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SFL all day. Dope post