I nearly melted at work while watching this video (big thanks to my boyfriend for posting it on our blog lol). I've always loved Trey Songz but, without the braids I think he looks 10X SEXIER. Am I right?!

One word: DAMN!

Anyway not only does he look beautiful; his voice is beautiful as well. I think he is one of the best singers in the game. He's come a long way from being a skinny dude with tons of hair. Can't wait for that album to drop!


lalaliybean said...

ha i posted the video too! and i agree he is DEF. sexier & he came a looooooooooonggggggggg way!

FUNKYYY FRESHH blog!! IF its hot it is hereee said...

luv that song brand new brand new

Rachie-Pie said...

HELLOOOooooooo!!! i prefer his hair like this tooooo!!!