Actress Keira Knightley is seen suffering a brutal assault in a new advertisement highlighting the issue of domestic violence.

The two minute TV and cinema ad, for the charity Women's Aid, shows the star being beaten by her partner after she returns home from a film set.

It is directed by Joe Wright, who worked with Knightley on Atonement.

(Video found on Perez Hilton)

When I first clicked on this I thought it was a real movie until I read the side description...Whether us as women or men whoever may be reading this post. We as people seem to brush off the fact that domestic violence is serious. You all know and remember the Chris Brown and Rihanna case and how everything went down...but it seems like everyone especially in the Entertainment Industry (music,film,comedians,celebs) take this very light hearted like "Oh its nothing" but a million of women are either killed or die from domestic violence and it is serious! I think this ad it brilliant Please help support either if your in the UK or in America or any other country find a support group that specializes in Domestic Violence and make a change for this serious abuse crime.

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just Lisa said...

that made me feel terrible.. i'm so sad for those women (and some men) who go though this every day! I totally agree that it is easy to not think of it as a serious, becuase "there are so much worse things going on". I will definatly check out the similar organization in my country!!!

Whitney said...

it's horrible people take it so lightly like's it's so normal! This is well done. But I hope people take it seriously & intervene if you know someone in this situation. I have, & don't be afraid to ask for information from friends if your in the situation!!!