DTY: Nylon May Issue.

I thought I would share these images from the digital May issue. The first two are images of the Nylon x Nike dunks which according to the article will be available June 1st - will you be buying them? The other two images are of the gorgeous Kat Dennings and Zoe Kravitz <3

I must have signed up for that free Nylon subscription via Urban Outfitters ages ago and I just recently received a March issue and 2 digital issues. Other than that, I had just got into Nylon. Nylon has cute graphics, cute typography, but I feel like that's it. Every issue looks the same from cover to content in my opinion.

What other magazines do you ladies read? Has anyone heard of Preen? I have the cover with Zoe Kravitz and I've been waiting forever for another issue to drop!


Whitney said...

i love the new style and i will def. be getting those dunks in pink!! or blue who knows. there all lovely

Rachie-Pie said...

i have been waiting for sum1 to post this issue!! im going to have it.just to admire the kicks. i love them, if i can get them I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg my heart rate is raising.i love them

brandi said...

thanks much!