PROM from Forever 21

Your Prom: The perfect place to get a unique dress is Forever 21 because most people are going to those over priced fancy boutique. Let them go there and you can hit the racks at Forever & save the rest of the money for prom night parties, believe me your going to need it. Plus it will look like you spent a bundle. 
Tip: Make sure the make-up, nails, heels & hair are on point!! It can spruce up any dress 
My Prom: On my prom I brought my friend Miguel we had fun but I still couldn't wait to get out of that dress off that dance floor and take our fire engine red limo to the hotel. It was a blast & the hotel & limo was more fun than prom I'm glad I got a good deal on that dress I never wore again.

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jamie said...

oh i know what you mean i spent so much on prom it was crazy. But i was one of the few people who got a hotel alot of people came it was so much fun the good old days..I wish i knew about these dresses!!!!