23 is the new 21

so my birthday is next month
I can't belive I will be 23
and have done like nothing
with my life not even have real
fun I want to go to nyc no matter what
I need to get up with someone
who knows very well the nightlife
and wants to take me to have a fun time
haha anyways any good ideas that I can do
for my bday??


RMG! said...

I agree. I turn 23 on Monday and I'm looking back wondering where all the time has gone.

briana baby. said...

sooooo...my birthday is also next month. i'm turning 23. and i JUST cancelled my trip to new york! i think we're twins lol. yay for june babies!

Whitney said...

Ahh that sounds like so much fun!!!
You should def hit up New York & do the night scene. Go when there's alot of events happening.