Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man.

I've heard so much about this book but I never gave it a chance because I figured it didnt apply to me but instead to older women. However, I was sent a pdf file and I passed it along to a few twitter people and after Rissa tweeted me last night I decided to start reading it today and I have not stopped!

Ladies, I promise you this is worth the read! I bought my mom a hard copy but before that I was sent a pdf file from a friend and I'm willing to share so just drop me an email and I'll forward it back to you. It's a good read for the iPhone or iPod touch! (prime.donne@gmail.com)

Here are a few excerpts I thought I'd share.

"I’ve said over and over again jokingly that the only way a

woman can truly be completely satisfied is to get herself four

different men—an old one, an ugly one, a Mandingo, and a gay

guy. Now the four of them combined? They got you covered.

The old man—he’ll sit around the house with you, spend his

pension check on you, hug you, hold you, give you comfort,

and won’t expect any sex from you because, well, he can’t get

it up no way. From him, you get financial security. The ugly

one? He’ll go above and beyond the call of duty to help you

out: he’ll take the kids to their lessons after school, run you

down to the grocery store, wash the car on the weekends,

babysit the cat—whatever you need, he’ll provide it because

he’s just happy someone as beautiful as you is paying him any

kind of attention. From him, you get “me time.” He frees you

up to do all the things you need time to do. And then there’s

the Mandingo man. You need a big ol’ Mandingo man. You

know what you gonna get from him. He’s big, he’s not that

smart, can’t hold a good conversation, got muscles popping out

from his eyebrows to his pinkie toe and when you see him, you

know he’s going to put your back out. That’s all you want from

him, and he makes sure he gives it to you real good. Mind-

blowing sex—that’s what you get from Mandingo. And then

you need a gay guy—someone you can go shopping with, who

doesn’t want anything from you but gossip and details about

what the old man bought you, which errands you sent the ugly

guy to take care of, and exactly how Mandingo had you doing

monkey flips for a week. See, the gay guy gives you all the

conversation you need (smile).

Four guys, supplying each of your needs should bring you

happiness. I say should because for women, happiness isn’t guaranteed."

On opening up -

Communicating, nurturing, listening to problems, and trying

to understand them without any obligation to fix them is simply

not what boys are raised to do. We don’t let them cry, we don’t

ask them how they feel about anything, we don’t encourage

them to express themselves in any meaningful way beyond

showing how “manly” they are. Let a little boy fall off his bike

and scrape his knee—see how fast everyone tells him to get up

and shake it off and stop all that doggone crying. “Be a man,” we demand.

There’s no discussion about how he felt when he

hit the ground—nobody’s asking him to talk about whether

he’s too scared to get back on the bike and try again. Our auto-

matic response is to tell him to get over it, get back on the bike,

and figure out how to ride it so he doesn’t fall again.

Now that he’s grown and in a relationship, you expect that

same boy who was told to keep quiet and keep it moving to be

a man who can sit and listen and communicate and nurture?


Cee Frizzle said...


I'm eager. very eager to read more.

AYO! stephie said...
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CAKE said...

Cee Frizzle send me an email so I can reply
prime.donne@gmail.com if you dont want to post your email here in the cmnts!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Please send me this file for I started reading someone else's copy and then they wanted it back which is okay since they did buy it.


Cake said...

I just sent out an email to all of you <3 I hope each of you enjoys the book!

Cee Frizzle said...

Thanks very very much! I shall be wrapped up for the next three days or so.

And thanks for the blog comment! Much appreciated!

rissapeace, said...

yessss mam, thank you mama! i can't put the ipod down! hahahah it puts me to sleep well... &plus i've learned soo much already 2 days into the book and i feel better with the boy &i... so much to understand...

Latoya said...

shiiid i want this book lol

Ameena Ashley said...

Man, I've heard so many good reviews about this book and Steve Harvey has been every promoting it. Makes me wanna read it.

Diti said...

lmao, I did a post of this book when it FIRST came out, and never read it :/ and I dont even ahve an iphone/itouch so I cant read the copy you gave me :|

Cake said...

Diti I was just saying thats how I read mines. you can read the pdf file on your computer I just dont be on my laptop like that lol

ladyBUG said...

Please send me copy I want to read more!!!!


JJ said...

Please tell me I am not late and I can still get a copy?? I really want to read more

My email is jikia.jones@yahoo.com

cake said...

I have more emails to send out I can send both of you a copy ^

ladyBUG said...

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know this is ancient but do you mind sending a copy to me?

Thank you, regardless. :)