DTY Presents: FOTW!!!

Fashionista of the week :

Calling all Fashion savvy Diva's! We over here at Don't Trip ...Yet are starting a "Fashionista of the week" where you can display your love for fashion. So if you find your self looking for the newest trends and your always ogling over hot Designers. You crave for the next "it" bag and You cant control yourself when you see some killer pumps? Your considered a "Fashionista". So send in images of yourself (preferring full body shots) rocking your different fashionable fits to fashionista.tanea@yahoo.com and YOU will be displayed on DTY. Be sure to include the following:

-Name, Age, and Location:
-Personal Style:
-Celeb Inspiration:
-Favorite Designer:
-Favorite Brand:
-Favorite Store:
-Must have beauty Items:
-Must have Fashion Items:

Image Via: Lookbook.nu (:


Fennella said...

this will be me soon!

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Loves it! Hope I will be on here soon=]