Fit In Your Jeans By Friday

Summer is quickly approching us, time to kick the flab out && bring in the FAB ;)
Kim Kardashian is known for her amazing body & curves, now she brings 3 dvds with different workout that target your booty, your abs & everything else in between. If you *click here you can get a sneak peak of the workouts. 

In my opinion by looking at that I say you are getting your moneys worth. BUT if times are rough which they are for a lot of us you can probably get the same moves she does by turning on FIT tv & working out with :

 That man makes you SWEAT! Just an alternative ;)



she looks awesome but is it the dvd or airbrush on the cover? just kidding i'm sure she is working it out in that dvd

Whitney said...

geez she looks hot working out lol It actually looks fun & 40$ is not that much..It's hard to find a fun workout video that you want to do everyday..