Friends with benefits?

" Let's just be friends " ever heard that line before? Yeah that doesn`t really work.... Unless you guys have benefits... I mean after a break-up, where the hell do you get the D from? I know some girls are like "it ain`t a big deal" but if you`ve been sexed so damn good , wtf do you do? Go on a dick drought and wait for another relationship? Yeah idk about that.... OR buy yourself a nice vibrator & call it a day?

I would def love to know everyones opinions, stories, & shit.

If you are still in fact having sex with your ex, how do you know he`s only having sex with you ?If he couldn`t stay committed when you were in a relationship why would he now that you guys are just "friends"? Or are you totally okay with him sexing other girls? i`m just saying! Does  "lets just be friends" ever work?



stephyy said...

Wellls, I guess I'll be the first to comment haha, ok so about a year ago my high school sweetheart well we were still together after high school but anyways he broke up with me, I felt horrible of course and he mentioned something about "lets just be friends". I regret what I said bc now all I want is him to be my friend again, I told him that its either me and him are together or we're nothing. I guess he believed the bullshit that came out of my anger from the break up we don't talk much. Now the friends with benefits, not that the kid I met after my break up is or was a rebound, but for some reason I thought he was the answers to my problems, wrong. We are "just friends" as he says, since the break up with my ex and now to a complicated situation that I think its more then friends with benefits, more like a monogamous relationship? W.e same shit in my eyes, but the lets be friends thing with your ex, I think it can happen depending on the break up, and the sex with your ex?? I don't think that can happen unless your a cold hearted girl and has no emotions for your ex bf once so ever.

:) done with my life story lol

L. Harris said...

Beat and Skeet.
Instant gratification.
Takes less time than mending a broken heart.

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend and i were "friends with benefits" for about a year before we "officially got together" i guess at the time it worked out for us because i didnt want a relationship and i was on my whole "fuck relationships" vibe ( since i had just got out of a 2yr on and off relationship.. ) so i told myself this is what i need; at the same time i was also talking to someone else; best of both worlds right; one for the mental aspect; and one for the physical aspect; for the most part it did work out for me because i was set on the whole factor that i didnt see this " friend " for more that what he was there for to say bluntly " sex " but.. things were completely different on his end; who knew a guy would understand all the things that i went thru and experienced before.. i was amazed how i wasnt caught up with him too.. but then again he wasnt my 1st " friends with benefits " experience; i too have caught feelings with a previous " friend " i was involved with ( but thats a whole other story i dont care to share ) i guess what im tryna to say is that only valuable lesson i learned is this " it is definitely easier said then done " because emotions are something that will always be tied with sex " just based on my personal experiences so ladies id proceed with caution :D

Kay said...

VERY TRUE, usually when a female is done having sex with a guy our bodies release like these hormones where ur even more attached to the person.... bad

Ashley Outrageous said...

well ive never really had a friend with benefits because i just feel as if were toghether ok then you can get some lol learned that AFTER i made that mistake & how wierd it made me feel, idk some people feel its ok & some dont, its an opinionated question. as for my boyfriend now; while we were still "talking"; we had gotten intimate but its like i knew i was only with him & he was only with me, so i felt like it was ok; as for a long time ago when i was with my ex & after we broke up there was no more D cuz he actually was an asshole & went with a another grl smh so there was no us being friends or nada! it was hell lmao so the lets be friends works sometimes; sometimes it doesnt.

India said...

thats the bullshit you tell your mind so you wont fall in love thats what that is lol

LALA said...

lol I don't think I could ever have that "FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS" thing go one because to tell the truth I am a jealous person when it comes to relationships but I won't show it but It will eat me up inside until the point where I cant take it! I've been on a "D-Drought" for a year in a half now (since Jan 08.) LONGGGGG ASSS TIMMMMMEEEEEEEE! But I've been using other substitutes lol ;)

I cant have sex with my ex's its just like going back in time..if it diddnt work out the first time I don't think you should go back just for sex...SEX COMPLICATES EVERYTHING!!! UGHHH! LOL

J Baby said...

i've had friends with benefits and i could do it. i don't know why, i guess i'm a weird girl lol. my (ex) boyfriend SUCKED ass and i was on my whole "fuck him" tip and i had a friend with benefits. i've never gotten attached to someone i had sex with unless i was actually in a relationship with them in the first place.