Our girl Annie is looking for some help over at Cubannie Links, If your interested get the information & don't miss out on the opportunity!!

 Are you an independent sales rep or have sales rep experience? Has this economy effected your "Stay Fresh" budget? Do you have the gift for gab? Most importantly, do you LOVE Cubannie Links?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions then maybe you might be interested in working with CL.

CL is currently seeking a sales team strategically placed worldwide to take over by the end of 2009, some big shoes to fill! A fun task nonetheless!!! If you're interested...keep reading.

This is what Cubannie Links Needs from you!
Email CL at iwannawork@cubannielinks.com with your resume and a short paragraph of why you think this this position is perfect for you!

  • A picture of your beautiful mug!
  • 1 reference from a former employer
  • 1 reference from a family member or friend
  • Sales experience and passion!

Here's some homework if you want to do some research!
Cubannie Links Website
Cubannie Links Blog
Cubannie Links Press Kit
Thanks for your time and interest! Good luck!

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