Every year Harvard Sq in Cambridge Mass shuts down to host May-fair. Which includes tons of food, crafts, free samples, things to buy, and music. I checked out the set list for the stage and saw that right at the very end it said 5:00 CHESTER FRENCH. I couldn't believe it! Normally it's just local bands or singers. Chester French graduated from Harvard University so it made sense. As they were setting up we spotted Wale who happened to be in Boston for a video shoot (I guess?). He performed "I'm Sorry" with the band. The show was dope and unexpected which is the best kind! There's something about being outside in the street listening to a good band right in the middle of your city that brings a smile to my face :)

(N.E.R.D.'s sexy drummer!!)
And of course we didn't have a camera, the battery didn't charge when we thought it did! Sorry for the sucky sidekick pictures :\

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Whitney said...

ughhh i wish i knew i would have went sounds dope!!!!!!!!