What lady doesn't want those thick long lashes.. Let's face it every mascara telling us 9x the length is lying & we fall for it every time. Fake lashes are a sticky situation if you fuck them up the first time then you are not getting them on the second time & if you do then they will probably look like shit, Plus you don't want them to fall off while your in the middle of your dance moves (that's not cool!). So we should all just be happy with what we was born with.. NOT! I've settled for Colossal from Maybelline & it gives me good thickness just not as much as they said it would, but it's still great & it doesn't make them longer but the thickness outlines the length so it looks longer than regular if that makes sense. So now that I'll be lamping it in the sun & getting a little wet I'm going to buy the waterproof colossal & for the right nights I'm going to try the false lashes. Well see how that turns out!


India said...

do it you wont regret haha im hook on them. you can get water prove glue too haha Everytime I party I rock mines and then I do the dior mascara all together looks bomb

Diti said...

falsies are easy girl! try voluminous mascara by loreal for a store brand mascara its the BEST! blackout by dior is the BEST BEST though, lol. but yeah, falsies are easy!