I need every color. I have been bored with just eye shadow for when I'm getting ready to hit the night scene. I need something that will make me glitz as soon as I hit the street lights. I found this Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner & all the colors are lovely & out there. It doesn't get any heavier.

Tips: Grab yours now & or any other product from Urban Decay and get a free primer lotion! I love freebees. 


Carsi said...

just got the Heavy Metal (in the turquoise color at the far right) the other day along with the Primer Potion and seriously they're both amazing, I have the worse problem with creasing I tried out the primer potion and accidentally fell asleep with it on; my eyeshadow was still looking good in the morning. That stuff is the truff

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Primer Potion is that ish! I got a sample with a palette I purchased. I need to get a new one soon! But I definitely feel where you are coming from on the whole want and need to be shining when hitting the scene at night.