Video Premiere: Beyonce - "Ego"

Everyone knows I love me some Bey', and this is one of my all time favorite songs. I wake up singing it and I fall asleep singing it.
"Ego so big you must admit I got every reason to feel like I'm that Bitch!" but, I'm a little disappointed with the concept. It looks sooooo Single Ladies "Part 2" to me. But just because shes Beyonce she gets a pass from me lol!


ladyBUG said...

I agree. I wanted and expected alot more from her. I know she is sticking to the black and white theme but dang I need a little Crazy in Love/ Naughty Girl/ Get Me Bodied...sheesh! Come on now Beyonce!

tanea monique. said...

I agree w| the Crazy In love/Naughty Girl/Get Me bodied and throw a lil' bit of Check up on it in their and she's good to go. It just seems sooooo blahhh to me no changes at all. but she did her thing w| the moves she just didn't come as hard as she usually does which sucks

LALA said...

i LOVE beyonce too! but this video was too simple...and bees hair...kinda rough lol