you sure you wifey?

from trash to wife when I saw
back in 2003 joe budden had
some sexual relationship with
gloria velez I said eww I knew he was never
going to wife her I feel bad for all this
video vixens that get play but look now
nice pick shes black and with a fat ass haha
and I seen the show and they are lovely together
because she cooks and clean and she has the bangin
body and personality to match!


ladyBUG said...

I love them together! I am glad it got rid of G. Velez!

Whitney said...

on that first picture it looked like swizz beats i swore that was him lmao but jb is corny anyway

Anonymous said...

She's actually Dominican or something like that. Yeah but I love Tahiry and Joe together, tey are funny as crap. I love how you picked like the worst picture of him and Gloria. lol they look nasty.