I'm really really happy for him. I did want him to go independent but he's gotta do what he's gotta do. Wayne isn't one my most favorite people in the world but if Drake chose to sign with Young Money then they are the lucky ones. 

Drake must be on a crazy natural high right now! Did you see who was talking about him in this interview?! It's insane, the wave that this young man has made. The different spectrums of people that are talking about him is amazing. The fact that we've been hearing his voice coming from our local radio stations for over a month and he is just now signed is more than words can say. 

Just like Talib said every generation has someone that makes waves, gets everyone talking, and amazes you in a whole new way. I'm glad I've been old enough to appreciate two of the best; Kanye and now Drake.


Murdah Mels said...


i'm glad he speaks as intelligently as he sings & raps ; i didn't give him enough credit when he first dropped, but he definitely is a breath of fresh air.

Sugar and Spice said...

i've been a fan of drake since degrassi lol
god for him, he's signed but with Young Money??? idk... i just envision future drama
everyine likes wayne i kno, but i DONT kno about signing with him

Sugar and Spice said...

sorry for the typos lol

J Baby said...

i feel the same way sugar and spice :\ lets hope drake is something positive for them and nothin gets messed up!