Night at the Museum 2: ***
This movie was cute. It was not as good as the first one. The story line was all over the place, but they made up for it with some funny punch lines that made me giggle. Even though none of the character's in the first movie hardly said anything in the second it was cool, because they gave us some better character's this time around with some cool features, That I can't tell you because it will ruin the movie. The best thing about it was that I saw it in IMAX on some temperpedic chairs (which where major comfy) and if you don't get the chance to see it in IMAX then don't bother! Just wait until it comes out on DVD. 

Land of the Lost: **
If you seen one Will Ferrel movie then you seen them all. He did his usual thing, he was a asshole & did some crazy stunts. The funniest part of the movie was when they all got wasted on some narcotic. Most of it was totally off the scale and so fake and impossible that it was annoying, but some of those part's made it funny so it's a oxymoron and a bug out. Not to mention they said some pretty fucked up shit about women..Assholes. But If your a big Will Ferrel fan catch this on a Tuesday HALF/OFF!

UP 3-D: ****
Pixar never let's us down. This movie was amazing! It was really creative and funny. I actually cried because it was sad! Lmao (loser) But basically everyone in the theater was pulling out the kleenex. Don't get it twisted there was lots of laughs and good times & what's even more amazing is that they have this movie featured in 3-D. Don't miss out on this one on the BIG screen.