I stood in line last summer waiting for the red lobster SB dunks. The line was wrapped around the block and people partied all night on that cambridge corner. Of course I left but my BF stood behind to wait for his pair. When I came back there was Clam Chowder & lobster rolls from Legal seafood's, excited sneaker head's with there limited edition dunks, & a whole lot of other wonder things going on.

This year they came back for another lobster, only this time it's more dangerous, with more giveaways and a bigger party than last time. So even if you don't plan on buying a pair of these dunks, stop by cambridge on the 20th of June.

Fact: There is such thing as blue lobster's. It's a defect and lobster's who are born with more iron become bright blue. The Blue lobster does not have spike's but it is more aggressive because it is attacked more, mostly because it's color is so bright and easy for  to see.

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J Baby said...

yesssssss! maybe i'll be there!