Don`t forget your...

Melody Eh$ani Chain ring exclusively at KarmaLoop.com. Yours for $98 . 
Wish it was a bit more affordable but if you have money like that why not splurge eh?



i know the feeling im lusting on her collection for about a year and never ordered anything !! i might wild for my baday since is the bf that paying hahahah!

cake said...

Good looks on posting this. I never use karmaloop but I was about to order for ME's site and it's like 120 or something. I figured I'd treat myself to the 4 finger one =D

SneakerDiva=] said...

Erm, tbh.
I might just MAKE MY OWN!!

It's dope; but I live in the UK .. ordered some gear from karmaloop the other day ..

Shipping is cwrazzyy !!! $$

or I could buy it off her site.