DTY: Yung LA x Cassie New Music Videos

Do you know who Yung LA is? Me either. Lol, jk. He's from T.I's Grand Hustle label and you probably heard his song "Aint I" with T.I and Young Dro. Honestly, (and this is IMO) he is nothing to write home about. I couldn't get into the song at all .. probably because his voice but anyways -

I'm just posting this because someone else might enjoy the 90's styling in the video. This video was shot by Va$htie (my other reason for posting it) here in Atlanta and you can check her blog for more pix and info. I love the door knockers and certain hair styles. Just watch this on mute if you want.

Here is Cassie's video "Must Be Love" featuring Diddy. I see where they were going with this and I think it may have worked. Cassie looks good .. What do you guys think about this?


Whitney said...

ughhh i hate that dudes hair lmaooo so uglyy

Miss Yaya said...

i think diddy needs to remain a business man - i'm a tad bit over him circa 2001...

i'm a fan of cassie but why did the video have to be mostly her from the back? smh

J.Niccz said...

yung la is REDIC!
so ugly
& im confused on the video
the song is futuristic love but it's shot like the 90's?
clothes are cute though

& cassie cant sing
i love her hair though

Cake Mo$$. said...

Lol I never thought about that .. like why is it futuristic love but in the 90s .. did he bring the girl to 09?! idk.

idk. idk. idk.

Is there a channel that plays videos anyways lmao