It's that time of the year..

to stock up on bath & body works items! *DEF going there tomorrow to buy some of my favorites which btw you should check out too ;]

-antibacterial soap for the bathroom
-lotion; my fav scents are japanese cherry blossom , warm vanilla sugar, midnight pomegranate, & country apple
-Body Spray; my favs are coconut , sensual amber, midnight pomegranate. Def my to go scent ;]
- foam burst; makes your skin so soft & makes the shower smell amazing. all you need is a dime size for your whole body!
-Lip Scrub- i could not find the actual picture but it's by this company. It works really well!
- & lastly wall flowers, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff. Right now my room smells like warm vanilla sugar & it`s fckin amazing. *breathes in*
*click here for a bigger resolution of coupon


RMG! said...

warm vanilla sugar ftw

cake said...

^ hell yes.

i will be going to B&BW immediately!

I might try out that foam burst and wall flowers too

Whitney said...

i hope they have this cinnabun lotion I got one year..it smelled so good and it was only a $1 for one bottle i brought like 4 of them!

rissapeace, said...

Kay WOULD post this!