I haven't been to Forever21 in forever, basically because there's not one close to the Boston area. So when I did get a chance I managed to grab these Rhinestone earings that look really vintage. Also I got a sequins top I been wanting forever and I found one ON SALE for only 9.99. Goodtimes


J Baby said...

oh but you're wrong whitney! there is a forever 21 in watertown at the arsenal mall.. which is just a short 10-15 minute bus ride from central sq in cambridge. their forever21 is TWO FLOORS! get at it!

an jaeden said...

haha why did i hella had my eye on this one on the f21online site but didnt buy it cus i couldnt tell if they clip ons or not and if they heavy or not! but aaahh...great minds think alike ;)

Whitney said...

lol right! @Jbaby lol that's the one I went too. That shit is far from where I use to live.. It's not within train distance.

@an jaeden There not clip ons lol & they are kind of heavy but they look so dope on that it's worth it!