oink: Hello Kitty Series Two

The other day while I was shopping for Summer Gear and looking for some Dunks in Urban Outfitters, Fanuiel Hall (Which is the best Urban in Boston: My Opinion). I found these little HK figure's Series Two. I have the strawberry from Series one & Now I got the Brick's from Series Two. They are so cute and only available at UB for 4.99 blind box. Add one to your collection.


lalaliybean said...

i've seen these @ UO but i bought 2 of the little buddahs instead lol. and i hate blind box things. it's such a mystery and i'd hate to get the same thing twice.

lipstick cherry said...

too cute! i want them all lol

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

i want all of them! too bad they don't have them in UO in Atlanta near my job.