More people talk ABOUT Amber Rose than anyone ever listen's to her, And maybe because most of us just want to look at her. Either way check out her latest interview & photoshoot at emoda.com


Nana said...

That's how you know your truly pretty. If I can imagine ur ass bald and you still look good yous a bad bitch.

I have the strangest sensation to lick her fade LMAO

Miss Yaya said...

i don't mean to sound rude but i didn't even know she spoke - not on a mute status but as in i have never even seen her open her mouth (papparazzi catch everyone else midword)

i just expect her to rock out crazy fashions and for kanye's fiending behind to walk with her :)~

&& love, briit said...

wow. i didn't like her. but she's quiet an interesting person. reminds me alot of myself. almost normal. yikes.

tanea monique. said...

i'd do her in a heartbeat ( :