Random: White Folk, beat your kids!

Ok, this post is kinda ignorant and random, but Its necessary. So I was browsing mediatakeout and stumbled across this post. White folk, beat your kids and I must say dude doesn't need his ass beat because he clearly beat his own ass. The cause for him to act out like such is because his mother canceled his World of Warcraft account. This is sad but Hilarious at the same time lol.


tanea monique. said...

lmfao whats with the remote control up his ass at 1:11?

LALA said...

i seen that!!!! omg this cannot be real!?
he sounded like a baby teradactyl (dinosaur) LOL

Tee said...

YES I saw that too and had to comment!! Althought this has got to be phony. I can't believe anyone would film themselves doing this kind of sh*t. cause he would HAVE to be filming himself.