So me and Kay are on a hunt for the NYLON Dunks collab and they are no where to be found or even being spoken about. Did they lead us on? They said June 1st and Yeah today's June 1st but those dunks are M.I.A. We will keep you updated on our search. Until then these are these likeable kicks with possibilities. There nylon and black, hot pink, & white. If I can not find NYLON mag's dunks these will be second resort.


D. said...

just bought these today!

their at urbanoutfitters.com under the mens sneakers.

Jasmine Nicole said...

yeah i haven't heard or seen anything about them either.
i'm on the hunt for a pink pair.

Carsi said...

I thought it was just me that noticed that there were very few updates about the release lately. I called the only Urban Outfitters on Long Island hoping they would have them in stock, and was told it was just the NYC stores that would be carrying them. Guess I'm gonna have to make a trip out there :-/ Really want the blue pair

Ladii said...

yea they're only in nyc stores and i tried lookin online for a friend out in chicago...and they are not online///
i wanted the pink pair and well... i went to the soho location in manhattan and the chic at the register was actin like she had no clue wat i was talkin about... maybe it is a hoax