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WALE performed tonight @ the 930 club in DC, and it was such a big deal, I wasn't in attendance cuz I dont fuck with the rain, but my twitter feed was live all night, and EVERYBODY was in that joint. this was such a big deal for DC. So if you haven't please check out the video for "chillin" in a previous post. and no disrespect to whoever wrote that post, cuz i aint even look, but this video is SO DC, aint nobody worried about Boston, the only reason it was even shot there was cuz of Lady GaGa, so please dont forget how BIG THIS IS for the city!!! but shouts to Boston too, cuz its all love! I believe the album drops this month too? I could be wrong. DONT BOOTLEG THE JOINT EITHER, I need everybody to buy a copy! DMV stand up!


J Baby said...

wale just loves us bostonians :) lady gaga isn't from here so i wonder why she wanted to shoot it here hmm. welp it's all love anyways. he should've shot his first video in DC though, second in boston lol.

cake said...

Wale is my favorite rapper.
I'm buying 3 copies. 1 for the house. 1 for the ride. 1 to keep on the shelf. People need to get into dude for real.

Okay let me go finish up my Wale shrine lol.
Oh, I like him better without the dreads -__-

Diti I would come to DC just to see the dude! He's been to ATL once but I missed it =(

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is J baby and why is she relevant? Wale did shoot the video in DC, lady gaga was the only reason any of it was shot in boston. And that's because she's on tour, it was the only time they could get her. Even then the writer from this post said its all love, so why you all negative, lame. "DC CHILLIN, PG CHILLIN, MY NAMES WALE AND I CAME TO GET IT" aint shit about boston in those lyrics Joe. Anyways, GREAT POST DTY LADIES! LOVE YOU AS ALWAYS, MUAHHHH! Do you guys have any totes left?

Diti said...

@J Baby he DID shoot his first video here, Anonymous, all though rude, is right, she's been on tour, it was the only way. Ben Chili Bowl, Georgia Ave, that's DC baby, not Boston. damn I didn't want this to be a war or something, I was just proud of my city, and was a little irritated that you posted the video and made it about Boston, you're not from here, you dont understand what a HUGE HUGE deal this is. Either way that bodega joint is dope, lmao.
@Cake GIRL, you shouldve came! couldve stayed with me. You got my number? If not I'll email it to ya! <333
@Anonymous girl you rude, factual, but rude, lol.

J Baby said...

i was proud as well and wondered why it was shot in boston. that tis all! no need for anybody to get rude (anonymous) and i wasn't being negative. fanks!


DITI! i'm happy for DC whether i'm from there or not. i would be proud of a rapper getting big from boston. sorry that i posted it. i didn't know you were from DC. i just saw boston and got excited. sawwy! :)

Latina8184 said...

my man went to that last nite, said it was hot!

Latina8184 said...

And I didn't know ya'll were from the DMV area!! :)

Diti said...

@latina8184 I'm from the dmv! I think I'm the only dty writer who is, I regret not going last night, but that rain, I couldn't do it! @jbaby yeah anonymous was rude as hell! Lol. And I wasn't mad or nothing, I was like mannnn she can't be talkin bout boston with wale's first video! Hahahahah. I thought mad rappers were from boston. I'm slow smh