These say teflon all over them or maybe it's "damn she's bad" either way there hot! Also there are only two made in the world! Because of course there made by vintage materials. These go for $245.00 @ JayWalk
Also Don't forget to check out the rest of Litter SF's unique jewelry. They have some amazing headpiece's as well as body piece's. So don't be the last up on this!! source: CLV


d. said...

i love love love these. don't think i'd be able to walk in them tho. lol.

Tay said...

could be a good DIY project.
fucka 245 bills.

an jaeden said...

ive seen them thru clv too and i love all their shit mostly the head and body gears cus the shoes are dope but seems like an accident ready to happen hehe jk... but yeah fosho i tried doing some diy cus their prices are crazy...but i guess handmade are worth it except i cant afford it wit my brokeass hehe anyways love love LITTERSF!

kimee said...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

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