On July 14th  I went to see The Great Hangover Tour, featuring Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, and 88keys. B.O.B. was suppose to be there but never showed; womp womp. Out of the three Kid Cudi had an amazing performance and I think the rest of the House Of Blues would agree. 88 Keys isn't as well known as the other two but the crowd still showed him love. Asher Roths performance just wasn't as hot as Cudi's. He was somewhat hard to understand and pretty all over the place. Boston was so good to Cudi that after his performance he came out with the Converses he had on, signed them, and threw them to the crowd!

That night Cudi performed a new song, never been heard so of course we had to capture it! The quality isn't the best but it serves it's purpose!

This is Cudi performing "Day and Night" which was AMAZING, i have no other words to describe it. I've seen Cudi perform at this exact same venue and it was so much better this time. The crowd was so hype, it was dope. Again the quality SUCKS for some reason, sorry :(

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Cookie Michelle said...

jealous! i so want to go when they're in norfolk!