I've really been thinking about getting a tattoo recently. I've always wanted one and now I officially know what I want and where I want it. I was wondering how many of our DTY readers have tattoos. What is it? Where is it? How bad did it hurt??!! (that's my biggest concern!!!) If you have a picture throw up a link to it in a comment and/or just leave a comment about your experience!


Nana said...

My first tattoo was this april I got "Faith" on my inner wrist. Its my mom's name. It hurts like someone scraping your skin.

Maybe cause there really only bone on my wrist lol

Anygays It hurts, you regret it, then it heals, looks awesome, you plan to get anotha one, lol

Bree said...

My first tattoo was when I was 16. Got my name on my lower back.. Mistake. Like I'm never gonna forget my name, but hey.. I was 16 and wanted a tattoo. Now I have 3. My koi fish piece is the biggest to date. My whole back is going to be covered with different oriental pieces. & yes, I'm gonna cover my name. But the koi took 4.5 hours straight, minus one 15 minute break for my artist to relax his arm. Pain but well worth it!



Tashur Raquel said...

I got "carpe diem" which means "seize the day" In Latin (always loved that saying/quote) under my right collarbone. Everybody was like it was gonna hurt, but i didnt care. lol so i went anyway, and it was not painless at all. just felt like somebody pinching me here & there. I was basically talking to the tattoo artist the whole time & it went by pretty fast. I'd say about 25 minutes.
Everybodys body is different, and the location you get it can determine whether its gonna hurt more or not.



Tashur Raquel said...

Lovely tatt @ bree.

Cookie Michelle said...

i have 7. the places that cause the most discomfort were foot, lower back, wrist, and shoulder. I also got a small one under/on my collar bone as well. didnt hurt as bad because it was little. but during they usually make you wonder "why did i do this?" and soon as it's done yer like, "oh that shht is tight, can't wait for the next" lol. i've planned out 3 more at least. =D

Murdah Mels said...

i have two [smallish] tattoos ; one of my left collar bone/shoulder & one on my right foot .

the foot hurt wayyyy more than the shoulder did, & it felt like it took forever because of the simple fact that the skin doesn't absorb the ink like the rest of your body does.

its all worth it in the end though ! you look at it and love and then plan your next one ^_^

foot : http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f314/xmszdimplex/shoestattoo.jpg

shoulder : http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f314/xmszdimplex/CIMG7067.jpg


India said...

thats hot I want suttin like that on my foot but.. I dunno yet. haha I got.. the back of my neck a G wich is very crappy gotta retouch it and india on my wrist and tats don't hurt much to me

Shayla K. said...

I have three. A "k" on my lower back, three hearts on my left hand, and my fav is about music on my wrist. They did hurt..to me. Or maybe its just kinda unplesant. No lie the one on my wrist i had to tell him to stop by my bone just for me to take a deep breathe lol. Good luck.




Stephyy said...

First tattoo I got was on my foot...ppl say its painful but personally to me it was yes painful but at the same time it goes numb so you dont feel much of it, the part that killed the most was the details to it and the outline of it. trust me girl its addicting! lol so dont stress about it just go do it!!!

Dea Pierre said...

this is my second tattoo that I got when I was 17. Its a family tree of my mother (agnes), brother (desmond) and I (desselyn). Since my mother passed away i symbolized her with a phoenix at the very top holding a scroll that drops down to the bottom and unfolds our last name "Pierre"


Ms.Whispers said...

Peep my first tattoo


I designed it myself and had my wrist tatted recently. Its a picture of my zodiac sign for Cancer. It HURT like a bitch. Having my friends hold my free hand and make me laugh throughout the procedure made it more bearable and memorable. =)