Judge the MAG by the Cover: NYLON AUGUST

I can't even lie! This Denim issue of NYLON looks like a repeat and to even flip through it would bore me. It makes me sad, because I feel like I never have anything to read or look at. If you really know me, then you know that put's a big hole in my life. I've always loved mag's but I'm so over it, basically because it's all the same. Who knows even though I'm on this random rant because I waited about two month's and then when it finally drops it's disappointing, It might have some hidden gems inside. I guess we can't judge this Mag by it's cover or can we?


Bang Bang said...

Sienna Miller Really what has she done since factory girl?

Denim? No one wears denim like that anymore


JungleForce said...

I'm actually super stoked but only for the Beth ditto thing,Is it only one page or a whole spread?