On a Budget? Don't Trip Yet!

I don't know about you, but I've been on a super budget lately... every dollar I save really counts now a days. But there's no reason not to look cute and treat yourself once in a while with some cute clothes and shoes.. I don't know how long this awesome website has been around, but GoJane.com has some of the cutest stuff (mainly shoes), for under $30 for the most part. Alot of there shoes are superknock off's for more then 75% off the original designers price.This site is actually really dangerous though, you'll go CRAZY! Check them out!

Links: Metalic Sock Heel
slouchy suede peep toe bootie
buckled suede ankle cuff sandal
Cage Heel

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Cookie Michelle said...

i lovee gojane! i checked it out back in 06. no lie lol. told my bff bout it and she got her prom dress from there. perfect fit and all. and great prices. just did some looking on there last night. sweeettt