rap it up: summer 2009


I love that cubannie necklace!!!
I'm loving this issue of Rap-Up. I was in the store yesterday looking for a magazine to kick back with because I haven't done that since the last NYLON :[ and there's really not any GREAT magazine's I'm feening for lately. Bummer! Now for Rap-Up I'm not even sure where to find this magazine, I never seen it around. There still trying to make a major impact on the magazine industry, and there hitting the main stream content which I'm not fond of but also contains some unheard of's...so they get extra credit for that. They definitely have my attention with there summer cover, design, & spreads... although I could have gone without ricky ross on the reversible cover. Click HERE to take a peak inside & see if it's worth the search.


tanea monique. said...

usually Ciara looks like a tranny. but she did this cover. <3 rap-up. Natalie and Nicole look so cute with their Baby- G Shocks.

NessyMessy said...

Is it me or does Ciara want to be Beyonce soooo bad?!?!

lipstick cherry said...

i fuckin love NINA SKY...! lol