Smooth Summer:
Summer is here & now that the sun rays have finally made there way out of the clouds, it's time to hit the beach. Right in time for the 4th of July! So what are you going to do with all that unwanted hair?? 

Usually I'm really paranoid about these hair removal products, I feel like if I keep it on my hands that by the time I hop out the shower I might not have eyebrows. Such as Nair, you have to put it on with your hand, leave it for a couple minutes (which is torture because it smells like rotten eggs) & then run your hands through it once more to take it off before it burns or dries out your skin. Well Forget all that, The Veet bladeless hair removal kit is amazing. It's everything Nair is not. It's smell's good, It comes out just like shaving cream & has a bladeless razor with a scoop neck so all the unwanted hair get's sweeped away after 3 minutes. If your over the tradition shaving try this one out. 

$2.99 Job Lot

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oh man I know what chu' mean as far as hair removal crams smelling like pure ass and rotten eggs - what's up with that?!?! I use veet on my face get rid of any facial hair I don't want and arms as well, but on the legs it just doesn't work as well, I end up shaving or waxing