Touch Me: Tmobile G1

Yes I know this phone is old but it's new to me! I just brought it and I'm in love with it, And apparently so is everyone else is. I didn't hear how awesome this phone was until I got one, then all of a sudden people came out the wood work raven about it! whoosh..I'm just glad I made the right choice. I hate the iPhone, I just don't like touch screen phones for some reason.. and that reason is.. I feel like the screen one day will stop touching and then I'll be screwed and these phones being so much money does not make anything any brighter. So the G1 has 1 up on the iPhone for me because it has the keyboard. Up until yesterday I was disappointed that the G1 did not have a screen touch keyboard and as soon as I frowned I got a phone update and the next thing I know it has one. I could write all day about all the features, but I won't because I have a life to live. Oh one more thing! The apps are amazing and most of them are FREE, I love free shit. & for all those freaks there's a app on here that turns your phone into a vibrator (dildroid) Hmmm... Please no one actually use this app! But it's funny to have. So I'm off of the Sidekick bandwagon and just hopped on the G1 wagon.


Darling D said...

I got my G1 about three weeks ago & I love mines too!! Its so cool, all the free shxt! Feels so much better than my sk lx. I dont care if im late getting it! its still cool! lol.

CAKE said...

i love you girl but imma disagree about the iPhone!
thats the only thing i hear other people who dont even have iPHones say "they dont like it cause its touch screen" idk i never thought about it but once i had my touch screen and then tried to use a regular phone i wasnt feeling it lol. other than that you cant go wrong with it. ive never had a physical problem with it that other than ones i've caused myself (ie sitting it in a cup of water by accident smh) but I heard the g1 was a good phone. I hear ALOT of complaints about the BBs. I think the G1 should get a little more shine lol

LAURA. said...

i havent heard about G1 yet (shame on me, probably) but right now i'm totally craving for one!

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J Baby said...

i don't like touch screen phones at all, so i never got an iphone. i just got a blackberry and i'm in love with it. i've used the G1 though i like how it has some touch screen features but still has a regular keyboard, that the part i could never deal with.

Jasmine Nicole said...

I'm thinking about parting ways with my sk, for the G1. I've heard a lot of good reviews about it.
It's just soo hard to say bye to my sk!