This is the second largest aquarium tank in the world. Of course it's in Japan! I need to go there someday. When I saw this video my jaw dropped. It's amazing. It's big enough to hold four whale sharks! I'm just in awe! I want to go there and sit down in front of it for hours. For now I'll just have to watch this over and over again.

p.s. make sure you watch it in HD!

p.s.s. it's shark week on the discovery channel; the best week ever!


Justine said...

Thank you for posting SUCH a beautiful video!!! After taking my first ever biology course last semester I have grown to appreciate and recognize animals in a new light (better late than never right?)

Kay said...

I think i'd be too scared to go in there....i have a small phobia of that sort of stuff. Like what if it breaks and everyone DIES