DTY: The New Panties?

I came across these Garment Guards on Glamorous Vandals blog and I thought to myself, thats a pretty good idea (and I also thought who the heck thinks of these awesome/ridiculous/i could have made this myself types of As Seen on Tv things!?) Incase you didn't understand what they mean by underarm shields - you would place these in the under arms of your clothing to protect against deodorant stains and even sweat stains.

Later on, I came across the site and saw what else this company makes and stumbled upon these Under Garment Guards. Girls, Im guessing these are what underwear will be like in the future. If you dont want to have panty line but still want some sort of cotton protection you can just place these in the crotch of your pants and go about your business. I was really giving these the side eye at first thinking this isn't enough protection but I guess if you compare it to a thong, it's just missing the waist band and front covering. I'm guessing both of your openings would still be protected. I'm old fashioned so I'd still want more covering up in the front lol. I understand people not wanting to have a panty line with certain pants/leggings but with denim I feel like underwear are a must.

What do you think? Would you wear these?


lipstick cherry said...

lol...wow, i like the concept but i dont kno if i feel comfortable wit it or if im ready for 'em

Bang Bang said...

If you want no panty lines then no panties lol. Gotta give ur danger zone a breath of fresh air every now and then


lmfao at this. wow girl this was forever ago that I posted the super savvy garment guard haha but the panties one I see how it could work, reminds me of a pad, and if you think about it has the potential to be more hygienic then the common panties females wear on a daily basis because it's cotton and disposable. you shouldn't wear anything that isn't cotton in your southern regents, this could come in handy if you're at a club sweating it up or traveling. keep some summer eve wipes, clean up, and change the "guards" haha!