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Okay so most of these little girls have better make-up, tans, hair piece's, gowns, and hair than me, I'm shocked. It's amazing the transformation they go through. There's so many arguments and opinions that go into the whole Young Beauty Queen world. So I was wondering, how many women/men (Yes, dad's do it to) Would be willing to let their daughter's and son's participate. 
Most people disagree with this subject because it gives the impression that little girls should be focused on their looks, but other's claim that it teaches a wide variety of knowledge and experience that can be used throughout their lives. The pageants usually consist of Beauty, Talent, & Swimwear. It's insisted that these young ladies where age appropriate bathing suits, like one's found on the beach.

Most mother's who are involved claim they put their daughter's in these Pageant's so that they can gain things such as Confidence, Scholarships, Manner's, Being productive, and the list goes on. 

So even though there is this huge debate, the big questions are. 

1. If your Daughter/ Son asked to participate in a Pageant, would you let them do it.
2. Would you introduce your daughter/ Son to being in Pageant's.
3. How do you feel about Toddler's in these Pageant's?
How do you feel?


cupcakeRIOT said...

I would let my child participate but I wouldn't be as pushy and aggressive as other pageant moms. Once my child is not having fun, we both stop. It's not all about winning, its about fun and confidence, many of the extreme parents forget about their child's feelings and get out of control.

AYO! stephie said...

If I had a child & they ASKED to participate, I'd take it into consideration... is there enough time & $$$$ 'cos those pageants are nothing short of cheap.

I wouldn't introduce it to them, though.

I think a lot of parents are living through their toddlers by having them do the pageants. Plus, it might be great opportunites but have you seen how they talk to their parents? No appreciation & no respect. They lil' Sweet 16-ers.

Not acceptable.

Bang Bang said...

Swimwear is not necessary for a little girl

lostinspace said...

fuck that i would never let my child play in the role of this brainwashed child society.