Back at it!

Hello Ladies!
It's been a long time coming ladies. I've been gone for a minute but I'm back. I needed some much needed time to catch up on those things poppin' off around me. Like mega waves at the beach and hittin' up probably the only sonic in the north/east coast. Plus the whole labor day weekend was a blast. I could only hope you where not close to a computer to notice the slack. So as we catch up on lost time, you could sit back and rest off all the partying and running around from a lovely week.

Hellz Bellz x Reebok:
We seen the vans pictures but those are not even a "GO" yet. So to give you something that is more stable, Hellz Bellz gives us a sneak peek on their Reebok collaboration that will be sure to keep our feet comfy and our eyes wanting more. Release dates coming soon!

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