Minx is a flexible film polymer coating that is shrink wrapped, if you will, to the nail plate. They adhere to the nail with a infra-red heat source so it does not require any dry time!

you've seen all our favorite ladies rocking minx, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Angela Simmons all of em. and you too can get minxed!

just head over to Minx's salon finder!


RMG! said...

I swear Avon did this same thing years ago, but there was no designs.

Diti said...

that was just a press on to the nail, you cant do minx on your own, you need a professional to apply it, the outcome is way better.

Anonymous said...

u can buy the kit and do it on your own but you have to follow the instrution video first and it takes 10-15 tries to really get it right.