As much as we love our clutches ladies, who's tired of toting them around when you're tryna get your dance on? I know I am. 

I was watching The Wendy Williams Show (ya'll should know I love her) and she featured The RackTrap!

The Racktrap™ is an undetectable personal bra pocket that holds everyday essentials including license, cash and credit cards conveniently in
your bra.
Made of hypo-allergenic poly material
Designed to fit comfortably in any size or style bra
Designed for women on the go
Holds your small essentials in one safe place, giving you the
freedom to go purseless, whether you’re running errands or a marathon.

4 for $19.95
get yours at : http://www.theracktrap.com/

I think they're cute and a great idea! Thanks Miss Wendy! How YOU doin??

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Jessie said...

very clever I hate carrying around purses sometimes.