Chris still not over Rihanna?

This video is so sweet and touching and It shows the real chemistry these two had with one another. Brown released this video via his twitter where he states "being honest makes you strong!".


Elle Aye said...

Awwwh! Wow, that was a bold move on his part. I still got love for Chris. He messed up and I think he's really learned from it, no? I kind of hope they get back together.

Anonymous said...

fuck that. once a womanbeater always a womanbeater. a smart girl stays away from such men. sorry but i really can't see how so many people still can have sympathy for him.
it's not as if he made a stupid mistake- he smashed her head like a melon. and after that he comes up w/ a fan made video and a cheesy line..?

Lyrik Marie x3 said...

I dont care if he's a womanbeater [which he isnt] he's dealing with his punishment like a man! He did what he did .. He apologized and now he's paying for his wrong doing .. Chris is human .. I think this shows a softer more human side of Chris .. good post hun !