fashion can be horrible

I actually think this is horrible omg.. say what ever you want
some people want to stand out so bad they do really stupid things
you think I will make my pretty lil ears this big and horrible?
I know alot people that has done it and regret next time you want to
do something diff please think about it hard.. this is just not cute to me at all


Juicy Carter said...

I agree, but that tattoo is cute!

Anonymous said...

My friend in Australia had that mess and recently joined the army. So, he has to get his lobes surgically cut and then sewed up again. Ack! Bad decision in the first place.

ashelott said...

Pretty much thats nasty, and the holes start to smell after a while.
This trend should end.

M.LUNA said...

people have been doing this for years. say what u want but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know it has spread and become a trend in recent years. you may think its big, horrible and a stupid thing to do for attention but i know kids who do this as just another form of self expression, it becomes apart of their style. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but this post is a little offensive & some what closed minded. Just consider that maybe the makeup you put on your face, the shoes you wear or the things you may do to your hair are horrible to them.

Anonymous said...

i don't think that it's looking that bad with plugs on.but spending the rest of your life with huge sagging ear holes?? it's not somethin you can hide like a tattoo, they're goin to jiggle besides your face for the next forty years.

RMG! said...

I love it. My ex has his ears stretched and they look so good on him.

Different strokes for different folks.

Kay ♥ said...

I actually like this!

TheDailey said...

my earlobes are stretched.. but not this big, theyre like a little bigger then a pencil. everyone loves mine..and so do i :]

the funny thing is how people think that once you do it, you cant ever go back. my reason for doing this a few years ago wasnt to "stand out" because i do that anyway without trying. but it was because i had a serious earring obsession, and i simply wanted earrings that looked COOL lol

the only reason i wont go bigger is because i have small ears, and i dont want to rip my earlobe. yet if i wanted to go back down in size, that would be no problem.


people do what ever floats your boat if you want to stretch your ears out and put your fist in them by all means please do you. I don't see the nasty in this at all.