Lindsay L(omg)Han

Seriously though? Here are two pictures. One was taken three years ago. The other one is from a few days ago. I mean I know aging will catch up to all of us, but at 23, there is no reason why someone should age so bad! Alcohol, drugs and way too much stress. We all need to take care of ourselves!


oso ABC said...

It's not even aging, that dye job is horrible. She should have just stayed a redhead.

Miss Pauline said...

Its not about aging- I'm saying how Partying and drinking, drugs took a toll on her. LOok at her forehead, her skin, her sunspots, her freackles, everything looks terrible.

NiC-KIA said...

omg, i hate hate hate it. her original lips were SO cute. her tan was a little ugh because shes suppposed to be pale with red freckles...and her red hair was to die for, and its so rare..i cant stand her. i watch parent trap when she redid it..and i want her to stay little and cute forever..now she looks like a 35yr old mom who wants to still be cool..YUCK!!

-damnit-kia of tastelessdiamonds


I used to love lilo now i just dont understand how she could destroy her self. i thought her getting with ronson was going to turn her life around and she would get better but it seems as if the damn girl has gotten worst. she needs to get her life together fast because she looks like someones desperate ass mom trying to be hip and cool and its not working at all.

Niki B. said...

It is NOT ok to look like lindsay blohan at this age. Parents should show her picture to kids as an anti-drug campaign.
Harsh but true!


Tiffany,Ebony Intuition said...

she does not look well at all.