Pom Pom

*this is not a picture of my puppy but he looks just like him (pictures coming soon!)
Puppies are a hand full. Me & my BF recently adopted a puppy named "flower" because he looks like the skunk in the animated film Bambi which was also his sister's name (Bambi). How cute right! Having him is like having a baby, but at his age he's probably a little more advanced than a baby.....like he could walk and he caught onto tricks really quick, like "sit" and "paw". He's a adorable, but even with all the cuteness comes all the extra responsibility..like hours of watching training video's cleaning up piss, poop & the rare throw up. ugh! Gross. Well yesterday we found a huge tick on him and I had to pull it off with tweezerman tweezers, if it wasn't for the cutie I don't think I'd be able to do it, but I care to much for him so I had too. I swear if I'm petting him and happen to roll a finger over one I'll probably freak! All in all he's worth it all and will keep you ladies up to date on his cute outfits I plan to make for him and plenty of pics!

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