Curtiss King ; "Snick at Nite" Mixtape

"Snick @ Nite” is a mixtape entirely produced by emcee/producer Curtiss King. Named after the popular block of shows Nickelodeon showed on Saturday nights in the 90s, “Snick @ Nite” is made of samples from many of Nickelodeon’s most popular Tv themes flipped into a wide variety of Hip Hop styles. Songs such as the DMV Go-Go influenced “Bangin On A Trash Can” matched with the lyricism and high energy of Hip Hop’s new class of emcees, shows that “Snick @ Nite” will be a Hip Hop release like no other."

I'm very picky about what kind of rappers I listen to, especially ones that aren`t "mainstream" . Curtiss King however blew me away. I love the whole theme/idea of this!
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Snick @ Nite Tracklist

1. VHS Intro
2. Salute Your Shorts
3. Guttah Gullah Island
4. Guts ft. Art Barz
5. Doug Interlude
6. Bangin On A Trash Can
7. Ren & Stimpy ft. Pheo & Ramone Jones
8. Clarissa Explains It All ft. Octane from Audio Push
9. My Brother and Me
10. Are You Afraid interlude
11. Are You Afraid Of The Dark? ft. Faim Kills and Noa James
12. We All That
13. Snick @ Nite intro

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