"Good at being Bad!"- Dangerously Beautiful

“Good At Being Bad” Holiday 2009
The girl next door isn’t always a goodie two shoes, sometimes she’s a badass chick who’s kicking ass and taking names. She can be cute or sexy; malicious but delicious. She’s Good At Being Bad.

Everyone knows the rules of the Holidays, You have to be nice to get what you want...right? Not in this case, in the eyes of the Dangerously Beautiful your better off being good at being bad! I think we can definitely relate. So where content with the lump of coal as long as we can treat ourselves to Dangerously Beautiful' new Holiday collection available NOW, no need to wait until christmas or even have to wait in lines. Head over to Dangerously Beautiful's website.

About these lovely ladies:
DB linked with 3 women who exemplify the forward moving take-charge attitude that is the core of Dangerously Beautiful. Jovi Rockwell is a mega-talent set to bring her eclectic brand of soulful goodness from Kingston, Jamaica to the world.  Adela is a vocalist based in South Florida who is already conquering radio waves backed by her soul-tinged production by the likes of Street Runner.  Of course we had to include the face of Dangerously Beautiful, Miss Dade. This hometown beauty juggles an expanding fan base and modeling assignments as she prepares to unleash a more sophisticated and musical side to the mic.

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