I know I've been missing from the DTY world, but I'm back! And for my first post of 2010 I wanted it to be a special one, so I bring you the hotness from one of my favorite female MC's, 6S!

Bey Knows Best is the first installment in a series of mixtape's from 6S.

I was even lucky enough to get a mini interview in with her!

Don't Trip Yet: Why 6S? How did it come to being?
6S: The better question is why not "success". if your goal isn't success, what are you even trying for? Success is the destination. Music is the avenue.

DTY: How did the concept of "Bey Knows Best" come about?
I was a HUGE Destiny's Child fan growing up. Even through adulthood, as I grew out of that, I always followed the ladies and of course it's hard to miss Beyonce b/c she's everywhere. I was at the "I Am...." show in Detroit actually watching Beyonce perform when I got the idea to do the mixtape. It just kind of came to me.

DTY: Are you a Bey stan?
Hahaha. Not at all. There are definitely things about her that I admire and that have influenced me. But I leave the stanning to everyone else.

DTY: What's your favorite track off of "Bey Knows Best"?
Probably "Sweet Dreams". I love the original song. It's so dynamic and hits on some many different levels.

DTY: Are you a DTY reader?
Of course! When I first started discovering blogs, DTY was one of the first that I actually followed. I'm a hip, fashionable, sassy chick....how could I NOT read DTY???

DTY: How/why do you think our readers can relate to you and your music?
I follow DTY b/c it speaks to girls like me. I make music for people like me. If you're smart little sassball, Bey Knows Best is for you ;-)

DTY: How do you embody female empowerment and progression?
In a male dominated industry, if you're not the type of woman that can hold your own and make moves, you'll get swallowed up. I think one of the things women don't realize is how much power we have and how much we can accomplish by working together instead of against each other. When ever I encounter another woman who I think is dope or doing her thing (whether it be in music or otherwise), I tell her. Dope is dope. Whether it's me or it's you.

DTY: What else do you have in store for us?
The second installment of the mixtape series will be coming up "The Bey Side". I'm featured on a few different projects that are scheduled to come out this Spring. Plus, I plan on getting back in the studio soon to record a full mixtape. I know I've been teasing people b/c Bey Knows Best is only 5 tracks and the previous project "The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down" was only 8. I'm finally going to give people what they've been asking for.

make sure to check out WWW.BEYKNOWSBEST.COM to get your own copy of the mixtape and keep up with 6S and all her many moves!

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